Help save lives this summer

Chiton Rocks Surf Lifesaving Club has turned 60, and these nipper siblings pictured are training to make sure other young swimmers also reach this milestone.

The club has been running a highly-successful, well-organised nippers program over the past 10 years, and is inviting children 5-13 years to a free ‘have a go’ session on Sunday, October 7 from 1-3pm.

It’s a fun program in which kids can learn surf safety skills in a supervised environment, and who knows, they may save you.

It is alarming that from July 1, 2016 to June, 30 this year 291 Australians drowned, including 15 in South Australia. Of the overall figure, 74% were male, while 27% were swimming or involved in recreation at beaches.

Many swimming tragedies occur because people do not recognise rips or appreciate the danger they present when swimming outside of the yellow flags. Surf Lifesaving SA says if you get caught in a rip, don’t swim against it – swim sideways. Conserve your energy; waves can assist you back to the beach.

The nippers program at Chiton goes for 10 sessions between October-March. If you would like your children to be involved contact the co-ordinator Andrew O’Callaghan on 0418 896 239 or, or for all levels of surf lifesaving the membership manager Amanda Dean on 0407 794 515 or It’s a wonderful experience for young children.

Our other surf lifesaving clubs along the south coast – Port Elliot and Goolwa – are also gearing up for some big membership drive days and have excellent programs that are well supervised.