Each month 5000 copies of Coast Lines are distributed across the Fleurieu Peninsula and on SeaLink to Kangaroo Island through schools, cafes, tourist information centres, caravan parks and a broad range of businesses.

We also have a strong online presence:

People may read Coast Lines on our website
Have a link to our magazine emailed the first Thursday of each month – it’s also free
We aim at a demographic from young families to retires with disposal dollars, tourists and those who have holiday houses across the region.

It has become a “must have” magazine because it has a good percentage of quality editorial compared with advertising space, and with a month-long lifespan it represents excellent value for our advertisers.

We do not do long-term contracts meaning our advertisers are locked in for months. You may advertise just once if you wish – we are confident in our product, and we believe this helps smaller businesses. We also choose the right to refuse advertising if we believe it may offend or not be in the best interests of the magazine.

Given our circulation, quality and the readership we target, we believe our advertising rates are exceptional. Please compare.

Coast Lines advertising rates (effective from and including November edition, 2018)

 All colour.  Prices include GST.

Size (height x width; column width 61mm)
Local business guide 40mm deep x 61mm $42
1/12        65mm deep x 61mm $118
1/8          60mm x 93mm $153
1/6          65mm x 125mm $189
1/4          65mm x 190mm or 135mm x 125mm $295
1/3          90mm x 190mm  or  270mm x 61mm $354
1/2          135mm x 190mm $472
Full          270mm x 190mm $694


Artwork: PDF or JPEG suitable. Images must be of high resolution for best quality
Bleeding: now available on all pages
Artwork: We can do the artwork if you wish – a minimal fee may apply for more complex design.
Accounts: We send 21-day accounts after the edition has been printed.